And with your success trading stocks, futures, forex, or cryptocurrencies, you can generate an extra income, be your own boss, achieve freedom of time, a better quality of life, and trade for a living... wherever you want to live.

Financial Markets are not a place for amateurs. If you are one, sooner or later you will lose all your money. I can help you avoid failure and dramatically increase your chances of having the trading life you've always dreamed of. 

I have transformed countless losing traders into consistently profitable ones at my Professional Trading Education Program, the Project Full Time Trader. I created this trading program to guide, prepare and develop my students to face the brutal realities of the Financial Markets. And they are not only surviving but also thriving in this highly competitive environment.

You have the potential to achieve success as a trader and experience a massive transformation in your life. You can try to do it yourself and maybe fail as most people do or join a vibrant, positive, and thriving trading community to become a successful trader and trade for a living.

Can I be your mentor and take your trading career to new heights?

Hi! I am Marcelo

Joining the Projet Full Time Trader in 3 steps

Get access and receive a world-class trading education with the on-demand trading course, mentorship, and exclusive resources.

Master a proven method, strategies with an edge, and critical trading skills to start trading like a professional. And you won't be alone in this process.

Follow a roadmap, practice, fix your mistakes and get better every day. You'll feel confident with your progress to become a consistently profitable trader.

about mE

Trading is not easy but it can be Simple

I'm a full time trader, trading instructor & mentor. I'm also the founder of Spike Trader, a professional trading company, where we offer education, proprietary technology, software, mentorship and exclusive resources for traders worldwide.

I've started trading in 2007, and it didn't take long to realize that trading is not easy, or at least not as easy as some people show on social media. For each stage of my trading journey, there was resistance, doubts, fear, confusion, and obstacles. I thought about giving up many times, but something was telling me to keep moving forward deep inside.

It took me years to become a consistently profitable trader. And that only happened when I decided to learn from people who knew more than me, which is the only way to reduce the learning curve, avoid failure and develop the right trading skills.

Trading is not easy, but it can be simple. After years of learning and practicing, I developed my trading method, the Simple Method, the same methodology that I teach at Projet Full Time Trader.

The Simple Method was the critical factor to help me achieve positive and consistent results and leave my corporate job as a Senior Director for a Multinational Corporation to start my new career as a full-time trader. My goal was to be my own boss, conquer freedom of time and location and make money by doing what I love. 

When I first began my trading career, I thought my journey would be lonely. I was wrong.

Later I discovered my passion for teaching and seeing people just like you become consistently profitable traders and trade for a living. 

Marcelo at New York Stock Exchange

I've devoted most of my life to developing myself as a consistently profitable trader and conquering my freedom. Now, I'm obsessed with helping others, like you, do the same!

from my students

Here is what people are saying about me

To say I have been around the block when it comes to trading education would be an understatement. I've been trying to become a profitable daytrader for over 10 years. His Simple method is a game-changer and what Marcelo is teaching us gave me the confidence and results to pursue trading full time. The education and community here are priceless. Marcelo and everyone are helpful, and the value delivery could not be better!

Eric C.

When I stumbled upon Marcelo on YouTube, I was instantly hooked by his brutal honesty how difficult it is to become a Consistently Profitable Trader. I joined his training program and worked through all lessons. This was the first time in my life I traded constantly profitable for a month. This was not a coincidence. What Marcelo teaches works. Simple. Besides, he is such a good person, trader, and teacher.

Paulo J.

I think it was Einstein who said, “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” Marcelo's ability to decode and unravel all the noise, lies, and confusion surrounding the financial markets is unique. His tools and processes are world-class. Marcelo is offering me pure knowledge that I know it would take me years to figure out by myself. The value added is incredible.

Fabio A.

I bumped into Marcelo's content from watching YouTube videos. His lectures are clear, concise, easy to understand, and packed with examples. I started trading by myself 2 Years ago and never got to a position of being a profitable trader. I wish I had gotten into his Project FTT right at the beginning because now I believe that I can get there. Thanks Marcelo!

Andrea F.

I can't say enough about how incredible it has been to be a part of the Project FTT. Marcelo and the team are incredibly talented, honest, and transparent about the ups and downs of trading. He is super supportive and goes above and beyond with his mentoring role. Great content, exceptional psychological support, and by the way, his processes and tools are simply amazing.

Marcos D.

The best trading curriculum available, hands down. The internet is full of fraudulent people out there. The industry of day trading is even worse because of the reputation it has with selling get richget-rich schemes. Its reputation  Marcelo is the complete opposite of all these snake oil salesmen. He's transparent and created something unique.  I'm impressed with the content he shares at Project FTT.

Bruno H.

My journey to become a sucessful trader was hard, expensive and very long. But yours don't need to be. I can guide you through the faster, cheaper and safer path to reach your trading goals.


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